Beethoven’s Fifth

Sunday 07 July 2019


Those first four notes. Three short, one long. Instantly, classical music was atomised, the symphonic form stripped down and readied for an upgrade and a fresh install. Music from a little over two hundred years ago doesn’t get any more primal than this. No wonder it’s the most famous single moment in Western classical music; the point of arrival for every aspiring orchestral player. You haven’t really done the repertoire in earnest until you’ve played Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

The second Sydney Youth Orchestra concert for 2019 sees the organisation’s Flagship band take on this major artwork in Western culture in what promises to be a revelatory performance under Chief Conductor Alexander Briger. For many in the Orchestra, this will be a moment of first exposure to the Fifth in its complex entirety; the music being as new to them as it was to a bewildered audience in a Viennese theatre back in 1808.

Before Beethoven’s groundbreaking arc of psychodrama, the SYO brings you the portrait of a simpler, more serene world in the orchestral suite from Aaron Copland’s ballet from 1944, Appalachian Spring.

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