Animals and Art: Author Talk and Exhibition Tour

Sunday 11 August 2019


In a world where suburban nature is declining and diversity is shrinking, AB Bishop's new book, Habitat, is a practical guide for those of them who want to encourage insects, reptiles, frogs, birds and animals into their garden. Not only for their own enjoyment, but as a direct contribution to the health and sustainability of their local environment and wildlife.

Author and contributing writer to Gardening Australia Magazine, AB Bishop shows how to design, plant and maintain fauna-friendly landscapes, stressing the importance of understanding how all aspects of the backyard ecosystem are interlinked in order to create a truly authentic and effective habitat.

AB’s talk will be followed by a curator-led tour of Wild Thing, the debut art exhibition by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens celebrating the feathered, fluffy, scaled, and slimy creatures that call the Botanic Gardens home.

Includes morning tea.

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