Team Based Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Sydney


If you love escape rooms or ever wanted to be immersed in different worlds challenging yourself, family, friends and workmates to perform amazing feats, get ready to use your wits and lightning reflexes to complete your mission in 60 minutes.

See, hear and interact with each other in outer space, working together to solve puzzles, fly through outer space, swim through piranha infested waters, master telekinesis and much, much more.

Afterwards take photos against interactive 3D photo walls and enjoy complimentary refreshments in the spacious reception area.

Features: Private room for your group (two - six people or book multiple rooms to compete head to head); Take fun pictures and videos while playing; Uses real-time hand tracking without controllers.

Choose from Two Adventures: Cosmos: As a Super Team, use special abilities, thinking and teamwork in space to save Earth; Or Mind Horror: As a team of Cyber Detectives, face dark horrors and outwit a criminal's mind to save a child.

Virtual Reality Rooms Sydney is conveniently located in Sydney's CBD with six rooms accommodating two - six people each. Book multiple rooms to go head to head!

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