Speaker Building Workshop

Thursday 05 September 2019 to Thursday 07 November 2019


Embark on a journey to build your own speakers. Over a course of four nights you will be given the tools, guidance and material to build your very own pair of high quality speakers.

The speaker building classes are taught by Atlas and Tone in the historic Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops in central Sydney. This course is hands-on practical intertwined with theory about sound and audio. Find out more here.

This four class course teaches you the following:
Basic woodworking skills
Understanding of the speaker components
Electrical circuit theory and construction
How speakers produce sound
What makes a high performing speaker
Introduction to Hi-Fi and how to set up a Hi-Fi system at home

You get to be creative, using your hands as tools and develop skills in speaker design, construction and theory. By the end of the course, you walk home with your own pair of hand-crafted speakers and the knowledge you need to set up a Hi-Fi system in your home.

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