Landscape Painting Class

Sunday 23 February 2020 to Sunday 22 March 2020


This workshop is designed to help you understand and develop a method for painting the landscape.

This full-day class is suitable for beginners as well as for those individuals who want to improve their work or to learn more about the subject.

Although the class is in oils, the content is also suitable and applicable for other media such as acrylics. During this first session we will cover the following topics:
- Landscape composition and design. Simplifying the subject
- The use of value and tonal sketches
- Colour palette and mixing
- The use of value and colour to create the illusion of light
- The use of value to great spacial depth in a painting
- Linear and aerial perspective
- Direct and indirect method

During this first session, they will focus on indirect painting and first they will complete a monochromatic tonal painting.

In the second part of the class, they will also paint over an underpainting in full colour, matching colour to the right tone. They will use techniques such as glazing and scumbling. They will cover topics such as mountains, trees and sky.

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