Feng Shui Energy Essentials

Thursday 15 August 2019 to Thursday 17 October 2019


In this beginner's class you will learn the art of Ikebana.

With today's life being surrounded by high technology gadgets, it is easy to disconnect our ties with nature. Ikebana connects you to nature, bringing great pleasure as you spend time immersed with flowers, branches and greenery. It brings an awareness of the beauty of nature.

Ikebana is an art form that can be shared with and enjoyed by the whole family, bringing beauty to the living space.

Express yourself through the art of contemporary Ikebana. Anyone with an interest of working with nature will enjoy learning the art of Ikebana.

The classes are held in a specially built art and Ikebana studio set in the tranquil garden of the artist residence

Special workshops for learning about Ikebana, materials and techniques, can be arranged for private groups, clubs, organisations, schools and others. A minimum of 4 participants, adults or children, are welcome. The fee varies from the type of workshop and workshop space.

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