Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates


At Belle Fleur they make exquisite handmade chocolates – fresh every day.

To do this they draw on four generations of chocolate-making expertise, a track record of more than 30 years in the business in Australia, and an ongoing passion for the art of chocolate making. Using the best quality ingredients – high-quality Belgian couverture, fresh local dairy products and ingredients sourced from around the globe – they handcraft traditional chocolates that would look right at home in their grandparent’s Belgian chocolate shop. In response to the adventurous culinary spirit that exists in Australia, they have created chocolates in contemporary flavours and shapes, devised to excite the palates of their more adventurous customers.

At Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates, they love a challenge and their chocolatiers are always pushing the creative boundaries.

Visit them in the shop soon.

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