Inner Sydney events

  1. The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Thursday 28 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    A person’s memories are comprised of recollections of their own experiences, and those that they have inherited through photographs, home videos and family storytelling. First-hand memories of traumatic experiences are passed down not…

    20 Feb - 28 Feb
  2. Club Briefs

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Friday 01 March 2019 ,

    Australia’s favourite trash glamour disco circus is coming back to town for Mardi Gras. Cult cabaret hooligans and mischief-makers Briefs present a wild romp of disco dancing, circus, variety, and burlesque featuring a hand-picked…

    20 Feb - 01 Mar
  3. Chiswick Lawn Series: Gin On The Lawn

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Wednesday 27 February 2019 , Paddington

    In collaboration with Bombay Sapphire, Gin On The Lawn is back this February. While you sip away, you can take a swing at a game of bocce or lawn bowls or have a seat and enjoy the acoustic stylings of different local musicians…

    20 Feb - 27 Feb
  4. STEEL: Art Design Architecture

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Wednesday 03 April 2019 , Darlinghurst

    STEEL: art design architecture is a major JamFactory touring exhibition exploring innovative ways that steel is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century. The exhibitors represent a broad range of…

    20 Feb - 03 Apr
  5. The Apia Young At Heart Film Festival

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Wednesday 27 February 2019 , Paddington

    Welcome to the 14th edition of the Apia Young at Heart Film Festival proudly presented by Palace Cinemas! They pride themselves in being the only nationwide film festival in Australia with a specially curated cinema program for film lovers…

    20 Feb - 27 Feb
  6. The Ropes: Amrita Hepi and Adrian Piper

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Sunday 03 March 2019 , Paddington

    Building upon the rich history of skipping, this newly commissioned video installation explores cultural resilience and continuity through dance, gesture, video and performance. Commissioned by Cement Fondu and The Lock-Up, artist,…

    20 Feb - 03 Mar
  7. Free Weekly Meditation Classes in Paddington

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Wednesday 04 December 2019 , Paddington

    For beginners and regulars: join at any time. Finding balance in life: how to meditate at home, how to keep in balance, techniques to help reduce stress. All sessions will include guided collective meditations, video/audio lectures by…

    20 Feb - 04 Dec
  8. Learn to pair tea and chocolate

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Saturday 01 April 2023 , Balmain

    Through this two hour workshop, participants will experience flavours, aromas and textures of premium natural farming teas (Green, Black, Oolong, and Pu-erh) paired with delicious floral, nutty, citrusy and earthy chocolates, a true…

    20 Feb - 01 Apr
  9. Make your own copper or silver jewellery workshop

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Wednesday 11 January 2023 , Redfern And Waterloo

    You will learn how to design and fabricate textured jewellery using various metals (copper, silver). The basic metal-smithing techniques of mark making will be explored using multiple hammers, letter stamps, number stamps and other tools…

    20 Feb - 11 Jan
  10. Make your own terrarium class

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Saturday 30 March 2030 , Redfern And Waterloo

    Make a terrarium in a fun and easy workshop held by creative director of ‘Merchant and Green’ Christopher Saban, who has over fifteen years experience as a florist. What is a terrarium, you may ask? Basically, a terrarium is a small…

    20 Feb - 30 Mar
  11. Nick Cave: Until

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Sunday 03 March 2019 , Redfern And Waterloo

    A wonderland of shimmering crystals, thousands of wind spinners and ceramic birds, millions of plastic beads, 17 black-face lawn jockeys, 13 gilded pigs and a crocodile. That’s just a fraction of what you’ll encounter journeying through…

    20 Feb - 03 Mar
  12. Cake Daddy

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Friday 22 February 2019 ,

    Performed by Ross Anderson-Doherty Written by Ross Anderson-Doherty and Lachlan Philpott Directed by Alyson Campbell Stage Manager Siobhan Barbour Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in association with Theatre Works and wreckedAllprods…

    20 Feb - 22 Feb
  13. Fun Japanese Flower Arranging Class

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Saturday 30 April 2022 ,

    Learn about the 'Ikebana', the Japanese classic art of flower arranging, from local expert Setsuko Yanagisawa, who has over 13 years of experience as a florist, and who has received outstanding reviews from her students. Setsuko will…

    20 Feb - 30 Apr
  14. The Beehive

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Saturday 23 February 2019 , Paddington

    On July 4, 1975, the crusading journalist, heiress and anti-development campaigner Juanita Nielsen went to a meeting at a Kings Cross underworld hang-out. She was never seen again. In this innovative fiction and documentary video…

    20 Feb - 23 Feb
  15. Tea and Cheese Pairing Workshop

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Friday 29 April 2022 , Balmain

    Participants will learn and experience how tea and cheese pairings enhance both, through complex aromas and flavours, producing new third flavours. Naturally farmed teas from different world regions (Green, Oolongs, Black, and Pu-erh)…

    20 Feb - 29 Apr
  16. Creative bookbinding class

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Thursday 26 May 2022 ,

    Learn to make your own books - leather bound, Venetian journals, both simple and intricate designs. Lots of fun and perfect for beginners, with all materials supplied. You'll be guided by an expert, with lots of detailed demonstrations…

    20 Feb - 26 May
  17. Watercolour painting for beginners

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Thursday 26 May 2022 , Surry Hills

    Learn all about watercolour painting, in this fun and playful class. You can bring along something that you want to paint, or else the teacher will provide a subject for you. You'll learn all the techniques in an easy and enjoyable way. …

    20 Feb - 26 May
  18. Screen printing workshop

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Monday 25 March 2024 , Marrickville

    Learn how to screen-print your own designs (or a studio design) from exposing screens with photo emulsion and a light box to printing then stripping the screens. Plenty of room for experimentation. Each participant shall receive an item…

    20 Feb - 25 Mar
  19. Flower Arranging with Seasonal Flowers

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Thursday 31 March 2022 , Redfern And Waterloo

    In this flower arrangement workshop, you'll snip and style beautiful fresh seasonal flowers to take away and gift to someone special or to beautify your home. You'll go behind the scenes at Merchant and Green, surrounded by flora and…

    20 Feb - 31 Mar
  20. Learn to draw with your iPad

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Friday 01 April 2022 ,

    In this class, beginners will learn how to use Procreate app or similar drawing apps on their tablets. If you are a new to digital art, drawing on an iPad is the perfect first step. If you are trying and having a hard time using drawing…

    20 Feb - 01 Apr
  21. The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

    Wednesday 20 February 2019 to Sunday 24 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Starring Caroline O'Connor. A poignant and riotous musical comedy. Little Voice hides away in her bedroom surrounded by her late fathers’ precious record collection of the great 20th century divas. She escapes into the glamorous world…

    20 Feb - 24 Feb