Darlinghurst events

  1. Learn to make cocktails!

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Sunday 23 March 2025 , Darlinghurst

    Learn to make a variety of cocktails, with guidance from some of Sydney's best mixologists. Master the classics and try the exotics. Drink as you go and have a fantastic evening out that you won't forget, no matter how much you end up…

    20 Jan - 23 Mar
  2. Museum Of Magic

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Wednesday 14 August 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Spoil yourself with a secret affair. The history of magic as an art form has been shrouded in mystery in order to protect its secrets, often being handed down verbally from magician to magician, but in this secret museum of Sydney, this…

    20 Jan - 14 Aug
  3. Site/Insight

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Wednesday 23 January 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Object Space is a window gallery located on William Street in Darlinghurst. On display this summer is the exhibition Site/Insight by artist Dennis Golding. Driven from childhood memories and interests in superhero comic books, Dennis'…

    20 Jan - 23 Jan
  4. An Intimate Evening of Magic: Dinner and Show

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Sunday 28 July 2019 , Darlinghurst

    An Intimate Evening of Magic: Dinner and Show comprises of a two-course light dinner followed by a classic 20th Century style magic parlour show. The evening is family friendly. So come enjoy an intimate evening of wonder and enchantment…

    20 Jan - 28 Jul
  5. Designing Bright Futures

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Wednesday 23 January 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Spanning jewellery, textiles, graphics, object, interactive and spatial design these new designers consider social and environmental impacts and speak to their vision of what it means to be a designer today. An exhibition celebrating…

    20 Jan - 23 Jan
  6. Whales | Tohorā

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Sunday 28 April 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Come eye-to-eye with the world’s largest animals. Dive into the immersive Whales | Tohorā exhibition that brings the incredible world of whales to life at the Australian Museum. Presenting the latest cetacean research from the…

    20 Jan - 28 Apr
  7. The Fate of Things: Memory Objects and Art

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Thursday 28 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    A person’s memories are comprised of recollections of their own experiences, and those that they have inherited through photographs, home videos and family storytelling. First-hand memories of traumatic experiences are passed down not…

    20 Jan - 28 Feb
  8. Treasures Illuminated

    Sunday 20 January 2019 to Tuesday 31 December 2019 , Darlinghurst

    One of the greatest collections of treasures in the nation’s history comes to life in an extraordinary new “light and sound” show to be unveiled at the Westpac Long Gallery in the Australian Museum. A world of spectacular storytelling and…

    20 Jan - 31 Dec
  9. Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul

    Monday 21 January 2019 to Saturday 09 March 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul, a three-year nationally touring survey exhibition organised by Bundanon Trust, will premiere at National Art School Gallery, Sydney from 10 January until 9 March 2019 before touring regional institutions…

    21 Jan - 09 Mar
  10. Magic Men

    Tuesday 22 January 2019 to Tuesday 02 April 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Ladies, ready to lose your mind? They are the men of your wildest dreams, the kings of the strip show stage, they are Australia’s very own Magic Men! Performing every weekend on Saturday nights with their tantalising routines and…

    22 Jan - 02 Apr
  11. Tails of Trickery Magic Show

    Wednesday 23 January 2019 to Friday 01 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Tails of Trickery Magic Show Set in the magician’s very own habitat, adorned with the magicians’ illusions, secrets and magic memorabilia your senses shall indulge in the fascinating art form of magic. The Magicians Cabaret is a place as…

    23 Jan - 01 Feb
  12. Trainspotting, the Play

    Wednesday 23 January 2019 to Saturday 26 January 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh and adapted by Harry Gibson, Trainspotting, the Play is presented by GradCo Studio. Addiction is fundamental to the human condition. The play takes an unbiased examination of people existing, coping and…

    23 Jan - 26 Jan
  13. Darlo Musical Bingo

    Thursday 24 January 2019 to Thursday 11 April 2019 , Darlinghurst

    They're changing how you think about bingo. Join them at Darlo Bar for Darlo Musical Bingo, every Thursday from 7.30pm. What is it? They've ditched the wheel and replaced it with snippets of your favourite songs - new and old, iconic…

    24 Jan - 11 Apr
  14. Dorian Gray Naked

    Wednesday 30 January 2019 to Saturday 16 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    It’s Australia’s turn to boost Oscar Wilde’s popularity with a new musical, Dorian Gray Naked, written by veteran librettist and playwright, Melvyn Morrow (SHOUT! and Dusty) and 24 year old composer, Dion Condack. Dorian Gray is the…

    30 Jan - 16 Feb
  15. No Age

    Thursday 14 February 2019 , Darlinghurst

    No Age Flipping Hemispheres As the clock inches closer to midnight on 2018, never forget, No Age's Snares Like A Haircut kicked things off this year with a loud and heavy bang! Dean and Randy led a thrilling charge through the months that…

    14 Feb
  16. Dead Cat Bounce

    Friday 22 February 2019 to Saturday 06 April 2019 , Darlinghurst

    As if their 20-year age gap wasn’t trouble enough, Matilda’s fighting for space with Gabe’s long-time bedfellows: misery, booze and writerly angst. She’s not even convinced he’s over his ex-girlfriend and publisher Angela, who was hooked…

    22 Feb - 06 Apr
  17. Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

    Saturday 02 March 2019 , Darlinghurst

    There's no more perfect combination of passion and people than The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Every year, hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world bring the city to a standstill as they cheer on a jaw…

    02 Mar
  18. National Art School Graduate Exhibition

    Thursday 14 March 2019 , Darlinghurst

    Discover the very best emerging talent from students completing the Bachelor of Fine Art. The exhibition showcases cutting edge contemporary artworks from students working across ceramics, drawing, painting, photomedia, printmaking and…

    14 Mar