Peaches and Prunes

Sunday 01 September 2019 to Sunday 10 November 2019 (QUARTERLY event)


A hi-fidelity dance party for music lovers played through a vintage, fully analogue, audiophile sound system. Dance to a wide range of deep, soulful and uplifting music, taking in funk, soul, jazz, boogie, fusion, electronica and with an emphasis on disco and deep house as their dance and musical journey progresses.

Inspired by The Loft and Beauty and The Beat: Peaches and Prunes started in February 2018 as a series of private dance parties in an inner-west warehouse. Norm De Plume and JP Ducharne carefully curate eclectic DJ sets with an emphasis on disco and deep house.

They play vinyl only while the depth and clarity of their audiophile sound system creates an immersive experience. They strive for inclusivity and a community feel on their dance floor. Norm De Plume is DJ and deep house producer from London. JP Ducharne co-hosts Classic Album Sundays in Sydney.

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