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Learn to Surf Maroubra Beach

A 30-minute bus trip from Sydney, Maroubra Beach is a favourite destination for experienced surfers.  Famous for its consistently great waves, it's yet another good beach in Sydney where you can learn to surf safely with local experts.

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Maroubra Beach surfing reserve

Learn to Surf, Maroubra. Image Credit: Lets Go Surfing

The second Australian beach to be named a National Surfing Reserve, Maroubra has been officially recognised as a place of intrinsic environmental, heritage, sporting and cultural value.

Facing east-southeast, Maroubra Beach, also known by its nickname The-Bra, is a 1km-curved strip of sand with Malabar Headland National Park to the south and Jack Vanney Memorial Parl, Mahon Pool and a rocky headland to the north. There's also a pub nearby, clubs, surf shops and a short strip with some restaurant and cafs. The beach is popular with families who are drawn to the beach's picnic areas, shaded playgrounds and safe rock pools.

This is the best surfing beach in the eastern suburbs, popular with experienced surfers who enjoy  the consistent reef and beach breaks. A decent swell brings three or four beach breaks to life, and on a happening day, board-riders are spread along the length of the beach. The reef at the south end creates Maroubra's premium wave, which on a south swell and with a southwest breeze, breaks as a classic barrelling right-hander.

This beach is one of Sydney's most hazardous so swimmers should stay between the flags, preferably at the southern end.

Maroubra Beach is also home to an outdoor gym that's free to use. A range of strength and cardio equipment accompanied by instructions includes an upright cycle, chest press, step-ups, stepping stones, balance beam and stretch station. It also has inspiring views over the beach to keep you motivated.

The beach and parklands are also used for picnics, playing, fishing, walking and jogging while the Maroubra Skate Park and innovative playground for kids are nearby.

Enjoy Sydneys beaches like a local by following these simple beach safety tips.

Always swim between the red and yellow flags surf lifesavers have identified this area as the safest spot to swim in the water. Its also a good idea to always swim with a friend.

Make sure you ready any safety signs at the beach and you are always welcome to ask lifeguards for more safety advice. If you find yourself needing help in the water, stay calm and attract attention.

Check conditions before you go and find a patrolled beach by visiting

Stay safe at the beach

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