Luddenham Raceway Paintball


Luddenham Raceway's Paintball features four spacious state of the art paintball fields.

Each field has been specifically designed to provide a fun, interesting and unique paintball experience.

There is a variety of games to be played on each themed field with missions that lead players from one field to the next.

Field One: The Tournament Field - Features an artificial grass playing field with Tournament Grade Inflatable Competition Barriers.

Field Two: The Lost City - Features a rugged, urban inspired playing space and includes a 60 seat bus and an abandoned train carriage.

Field Three: The Base Camp - An Army Base Camp set up on an abandoned wasteland inspired landscape and includes an N7-212 Wessex Helicopter and Black Rebel Assault van.

Field Four: The Rebel Headquarters - Features a Post-Apocalyptic inspired playing field and includes a purposely constructed Container Terminal full of hair raising twists and turns to navigate.

The Luddenham Raceway facility also has go karting and a motorsport park on site.

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