Wirrimbirra Sanctuary


Wirrimbirra is a flora and fauna sanctuary run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Australia's unique flora and fauna.

It has over 200 acres of preserved native bushland - the unique flora of the remaining part of the area known as the 'Bargo Brush' in colonial times, but known and frequented, much longer by the traditional Aboriginal peoples including the Dharawal.

It is effectively divided into two distinct portions by the Southern railway line. The eastern portion comprises most of the Sanctuary area and is predominately natural Bargo Brush with some tracks for use as guided nature study trails of the natural bush and early European building ruins and earthworks. The western portion is much smaller and is mostly developed land. This portion contains buildings (visitors centre, storage and work sheds and accommodation cabins), several enclosed fauna protection areas, a native plant nursery and floral gardens.

The David G. Stead Memorial Wild Life Research Foundation of Australia is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Sanctuary. Income is derived primarily from accommodation facilities, nursery sales, catering and donations.

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