Hidden Rookwood Sculptures


The 11th annual Hidden Rookwood Sculptures has evolved, with a new name, new curator and two new categories for students and film artists to participate in this year’s popular outdoor exhibition.

Rookwood Cemetery will transform into an open air exhibition that will provide an unusual and engaging experience for visitors. The event’s curator, Dr Kath Fries, a well-known artist, researcher and writer, is responsible for the new creative direction of this year’s Hidden, and will be showcasing two additional new streams of work featuring student artworks and film artworks.

The exhibition is designed to provoke discussion, reflection and different perspectives about the passage of time, cycles of life, rituals, love, loss and their interconnection with memories. This unusual exhibition will shape and transform a visitors’ experience of places, cultures and history.

With artworks strategically placed among historic monuments and impressive architecture within Rookwood Cemetery, the month-long event aims to encourage the community to enjoy Rookwood’s Victorian-era inspired surroundings, whilst supporting the Australian art and tourism industries.

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