Australian Alpaca Farm


Come Visit Storybook Alpacas, they are Alpaca Breeders in the Southern Highlands.

From the a rich cultural heritage to an animal adapted now to the Lifestyle, Culture and Industry.

Alpacas are native to South America and have been domesticated for thousands of years. They are to the South American people comparable to the Australian Merino - industrially and commercially.

Alpacas are gentle and inquisitive by nature, easy to handle and can be halter-trained to lead. They are truly elegant creatures. Alpacas fibre (fleece) is silky soft, lightweight yet tough - extraordinary attributes that meet the needs of the a diverse range of products from home wares through to the high end - haute couture fashion houses of the globe.

This operator can offer you a magical "Storybook" experience of these amazing animals - come for a visit.

Alpaca Products available for purchase and lunch/catering can be arranged.

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