The Art of Palette Knife Painting

Thursday 13 June 2019 to Sunday 11 August 2019 (DAILY event)


Otto Kuster and Remy Lorken are masters of palette knife painting. A palette knife is commonly made from metal with wooden handle, with a large bend in the middle to keep the artist’s hand away from the wet paint. The knife, which is usually pear, diamond or trowel shaped, is capable of producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat colour or tiny shapes of coloured paint.

Otto Kuster was born in Bohemia (Czech Republic) and commenced studying art at the age of 14. He migrated to Australia in 1960 where his experiences have inspired him to capture the atmosphere, the mood, the colour and the everyday life that is Australia.

Remy Lorken was born in the Philippines and after meeting her husband migrated to Australia. A life-long interest in art and craft was further encouraged by friend Otto Kuster, whose birthday gift of oil paints, canvas boards and a palette knife in 1985 led to her becoming an artist.

Together, Remy and Otto, along with fellow artist Jim Flood, formed ‘The Palette Knife Painters of Sutherland Shire’ in 2001. Over ten years they held a number of exhibitions together, sharing a love of art and building life-long friendships.

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