Beginners Hula Hoop Dance Course Caringbah

Tuesday 03 September 2019 to Tuesday 24 September 2019


If you want to find a fun way to get fit and get involved in one of the most fun loving, playful and passionate communities in Sydney, come along to the SpinJoy Hula Hoop Dance Caringbah four week open level course.

In this 1.5 hour weekly class, they will cover the foundations of hula hoop dance with on-body and off-body hula hoop moves including: waist hooping, saves, turns, hand hooping, weaves, isolations, lifting the hoop on and off the body and beginning to coil the hula hoop up and down the body without the use of your hands!

By the end of the first class, you’ll be rocking a full hula hoop dance routine you cab rock with just some music and a hula hoop – wherever, whenever! And just wait to see what you’ll be able to do after only four weeks!

This course is open level and suitable for absolute beginners and experienced hula hoop dancers. No hula hoop experience is necessary. Couldn’t hoop as a kid? Neither could your instructor Caitlyn.

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