Basin Aboriginal art site


With over 800 Aboriginal sites recorded across Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, each one is a visible reminder of the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region. Basin Aboriginal art site is one of the best examples of rock engravings by the Garrigal people of the Guringai Nation.
Well worth the detour on The Basin track and Mackerel track, this significant site is best viewed early morning or late afternoon, when the shadows give an edge to the faint, yet impressive engravings. Here, you’ll make out the outlines of animals and human figures. After exploring the extensive range of engravings, continue along the medium difficulty walking track and enjoy a picnic in the bush.
There are further examples of Aboriginal heritage with axe grinding grooves and rock paintings and stencils within the park. Middens are also found near rock caves and shelters and contain shells, tools and animal bones.

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