North Sydney Chatswood events

  1. Jesse Redwing

    Friday 22 March 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    M@SM is proud to introduce a young artist who is making his mark as a stylist in an almost lost genre championed by the early Rolling Stones repertoire. Having made two tours of the USA, and as support artist for guitar sensation Ana…

    22 Mar
  2. Resin and Ceramic Workshop

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Sunday 12 February 2023 ,

    Come along to the workshop on Northern beaches of Sydney as they take you on a voyage of discovery to interpret your microcosmic world inspired by the coastline. To begin you will learn about glass and ceramics painting in general and…

    23 Mar - 12 Feb
  3. Purely Picnics

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Sunday 30 June 2019 , Manly

    Purely Picnics specialise in creating unique and memorable pop up picnics for all occasions. We pair beautiful locations in Sydney with exquisite styling and delicious platters to create an unforgettable picnic experience. Whether you're…

    23 Mar - 30 Jun
  4. Autumn Yarn Fete

    Saturday 23 March 2019 ,

    The annual Autumn Yarn Fete, presented by the NSW Machine Knitters Association, comes to Epping Creative Centre. This one-day extravaganza will be held from 10am to 2pm and promises to be a fabulous day out for yarn enthusiasts. Entry is…

    23 Mar
  5. Portraits and Figures Exhibition

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Sunday 31 March 2019 ,

    Portraits and Figure Exhibition brings together a number of local Sydney based artist to show artworks based on portraiture and the figure. They invited artists to submit a range work that explores what a portrait can be. The submitted…

    23 Mar - 31 Mar
  6. Kids Glamping Accommodation Special

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Saturday 22 June 2019 , Manly

    Bring the whole family to Q Station for a special treat! The Kids Glamping adventure is ideal for school holidays or a weekend getaway. The kids will love hanging out in their indoor tepee with unlimited movies, board games and popcorn…

    23 Mar - 22 Jun
  7. Free Heartfulness Yoga and Meditation At Dee Why

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Saturday 21 September 2019 , Northern Beaches

    Heartfulness meditation is a simple and practical way to experience the heart's unlimited resources, using relaxation and meditation to connect to your inner being. Meditating regularly improves quality of life, provides stress relief,…

    23 Mar - 21 Sep
  8. Flower Crown Group Class

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Friday 29 April 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Have a special event coming up? Perhaps a hen's, a birthday, or some other occasion? Create flower crowns with Helen from Lime Tree Bower, who has over 8,000 Instagram followers (for good reason). You'll get to choose from a wide…

    23 Mar - 29 Apr
  9. Japanese flower arranging course

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Friday 06 May 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    You'll learn how to arrange flowers in the Ikebana style. Your teacher will be Aya, a master of the art, who has taught for decades. This is a very relaxed, calm and meditative class, perfect for getting some peace in today's hectic…

    23 Mar - 06 May
  10. Pretty pebble painting

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Friday 13 May 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Learn to make intricate and beautiful designs on pebbles, in this fun and relaxing class. You'll learn the Japanese technique of Zentangu, to print structured patterns on these petite stones, as well as how best to coordinate colours.…

    23 Mar - 13 May
  11. Fun pottery class for beginners: Crows Nest

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Thursday 28 April 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    In this series of three classes, you'll learn wheel throwing, trimming, and glazing basic cylinders. The classes are relaxed and perfect for beginners - you won't feel rushed at all. You'll get detailed demonstrations, and lots of…

    23 Mar - 28 Apr
  12. Vissla Sydney Surf Pro

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Sunday 24 March 2019 , Manly

    The Vissla Sydney Surf Pro is bringing top level, international surfing back to the iconic Manly Beach. Over 20 countries will be represented in local, junior and World Surf League Qualifying Series 6000 events. Many of the world’s top…

    23 Mar - 24 Mar
  13. Make flower crowns on Manly Beach

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Saturday 04 June 2022 , Manly

    What could be better than a beautiful morning or afternoon on the iconic Manly beach? Making flower crowns with an experienced florist while soaking up the sunshine! It's as good as it sounds, so bring a friend or three and have some…

    23 Mar - 04 Jun
  14. Sunset Cinema North Sydney

    Saturday 23 March 2019 to Saturday 30 March 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Sink into a beanbag, sip on fine wine, laugh long and loud. Sunset Cinema is back at North Sydney Oval from January to March. Featuring foot-stomping blockbusters, family favourites and VHS classics under the stars. With full bar…

    23 Mar - 30 Mar