North Sydney And Chatswood events

  1. Northside Produce Markets

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Saturday 07 March 2020 , North Sydney Chatswood

    The award winning Northside Produce Market is happening the first and the third Saturday each month. With produce from the growers, artisan food producers with their delights as well as plenty of ready to eat options - the Northside…

    21 May - 07 Mar
  2. Folk by Tom Wells

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Saturday 01 June 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Sister Winnie’s no ordinary nun. She’s feisty, irreverent and has a soft spot for a pint of Guinness. Her front room is a haven for socially awkward Stephen, who shares her passion for folk music. Their world is suddenly shattered –…

    21 May - 01 Jun
  3. Fun pottery class for beginners: Crows Nest

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Saturday 07 December 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    In this series of three classes, you'll learn wheel throwing, trimming, and glazing basic cylinders. The classes are relaxed and perfect for beginners - you won't feel rushed at all. You'll get detailed demonstrations, and lots of…

    21 May - 07 Dec
  4. Salt Experiments by Tracey Clement

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Saturday 01 June 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Her Salt Experiments are the remnants of a four-year-long investigation into the properties of salt and its collision with mild steel. These experiments were conducted in the realm of art, rather than science, but they still offer valuable…

    21 May - 01 Jun
  5. Bridget Kennedy: The Fallen

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Saturday 01 June 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Bridget Kennedy’s The Fallen explores times of trouble and the destructive weight that has been imposed on the planet. Using petroleum based coal and bitumen, she questions the notion of what is precious. The floor work uses a circling…

    21 May - 01 Jun
  6. Flower Crown Group Class

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Friday 29 April 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Have a special event coming up? Perhaps a hen's, a birthday, or some other occasion? Create flower crowns with Helen from Lime Tree Bower, who has over 8,000 Instagram followers (for good reason). You'll get to choose from a wide…

    21 May - 29 Apr
  7. Explorers Playgroup

    Tuesday 21 May 2019 to Thursday 19 December 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    No bookings necessary – just come along and enjoy the fun! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 10am-12:30pm during school terms. Explorers Playgroup provides creative play sessions for under fives, spread across three light-filled…

    21 May - 19 Dec
  8. Learn Japanese calligraphy

    Wednesday 22 May 2019 to Thursday 01 October 2020 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Rejuvenate while improving your focus with Ren, a master in Shodo calligraphy. Ren’s work has been recognised by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, gaining the esteemed title of national property of Japan for his work ‘Furusato’ which now…

    22 May - 01 Oct
  9. Pretty pebble painting

    Wednesday 22 May 2019 to Friday 13 May 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Learn to make intricate and beautiful designs on pebbles, in this fun and relaxing class. You'll learn the Japanese technique of Zentangu, to print structured patterns on these petite stones, as well as how best to coordinate colours.…

    22 May - 13 May
  10. Japanese flower arranging course

    Wednesday 22 May 2019 to Friday 06 May 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    You'll learn how to arrange flowers in the Ikebana style. Your teacher will be Aya, a master of the art, who has taught for decades. This is a very relaxed, calm and meditative class, perfect for getting some peace in today's hectic…

    22 May - 06 May
  11. Bottomless Rose Lunch

    Saturday 25 May 2019 to Saturday 19 October 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Grab the pals together and join them in their beautiful oasis on Saturday afternoons for two hours of unlimited rosé alongside a light banquet feasting menu. With two hours of unlimited 2016 Maison Fortant Lux Royal Rose, Coteaux Varois…

    25 May - 19 Oct
  12. Hungarian Cooking Class

    Saturday 25 May 2019 to Saturday 01 June 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    In this Hungarian yummy feast you will learn to make the traditional staple of Hungarian Goulasch (made from Beef). This will be served with knokedli, and the delicious cucumber salad, Hungarian style. The class will be a mix of…

    25 May - 01 Jun
  13. Stormcellar

    Saturday 25 May 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Stormcellar return. Head on over for some chilled out, daylight action—a little country, a little folk, some blues here and there—homegrown and all for your listening pleasure. Music from 12pm.…

    25 May
  14. Ferris Wheel High Tea

    Saturday 25 May 2019 to Saturday 28 September 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Soak up beau-tea-ful views of Sydney Harbour whilst enjoying an assortment of delicious bite-sized delights at new heights. Featuring Mediterranean inspired culinary delights, you’ll find savoury treats including Spanakopita and Sfincione…

    25 May - 28 Sep
  15. And Love Will Steer the Stars

    Saturday 25 May 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    The first man on the moon, Woodstock, President Nixon, The Beatles’ Abbey Road, John and Yoko’s Bed In, the Cold War…1969 was a year when the world was entering a new ear, all to the soundtrack of some of the most seminal and radical rock…

    25 May
  16. Panoramic Photography Workshop

    Sunday 26 May 2019 to Sunday 28 July 2019 , North Sydney Chatswood

    At this fun photography workshop in Sydney you will learn how to take professional panoramic photos by yourself. By the end of the day, you will have high quality photos that you will be able to print and hang them in the wall of your…

    26 May - 28 Jul