The Last Wife by Kate Hennig

Friday 30 August 2019 to Sunday 29 September 2019 (DAILY event)


In a deadly game of power, intrigue and passion, Kate Parr must live by her wits if she wants to avoid becoming another statistic on Henry’s growing list of dead wives. With stepdaughters, step-sisters and the very crown at stake, it will take a woman of immense courage to initiate change.

Can Kate remain steadfast as she navigates the treacherous waters of gender politics, or will she succumb to the might of Henry’s increasing paranoia?

Kate Hennig’s stunning debut play reimagines the dangerous sparring between Henry VIII and Katherine Parr through a richly provocative contemporary lens. Huw Higginson and Ursula Yovich join an accomplished ensemble cast in a tale that is at once funny, seductive and deliciously thrilling.

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