Free public event – Korean Tea Ceremony

Saturday 22 June 2019


As part of the exhibition In Reverence of Tea, Tea Master, Stephen Carroll will be conducting a Korean Tea Ceremony, following a talk about Korean Tea Culture in the gallery.

This exhibition of objects, textiles and painting explores the value of tea and the hand crafted objects used in Tea Culture.

The Tea Ceremony encourages mindfulness and connection; the integrity, materiality and aesthetics of contemporary art and design that is both functional and authentic will be explored within this context.

Artists exhibiting include:  Sue McFarland, Jiksu Shin, Marguerite Luntungan, Linda Blair, Alison Jackson, Nettie Sumner and Stephen Carroll. The exhibition explores the value of time, connection and materials. Within the tea room time appears to slow, silence descends and an interaction between the host, guests and the tea objects takes place. The functional objects are at once practical and simple but are also valued for their aesthetic qualities and add to the pleasurable experience of drinking tea.

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