Catmosphere Cat Cafe


Dedicated to brave space cats and cat lovers alike, Catmosphere Sydney is Australia's first space-themed cat cafe!

Enjoy a hot drink from Sydney's finest baristas, and cuddle with some of the cutest cats that have ever traversed the universe.

Birthday? Party with the cat-stronauts. Their sun-filled outdoor courtyard is a popular choice for parties. Groups of up to 12 can be hosted in the primary cat room and up to five people in the dedicated kitten room. Or take the whole space and party on down... with cats from space.

Date? Nothing says romance like the affection (or indifference) of furry felines.

Anniversary? Give the gift of space cat.

All cats and kittens come from the World League for Protection of Animals and Kitten University.

Your visit contributes to the socialisation, care and wellbeing of these rescue cats, including food, litter and cat attendants.

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