Rum Spicing Masterclass

Thursday 27 June 2019


Join them for a series of fantastic nights at Brix Distillers to become your own master rum spicer.

You will blend your own rum from a variety of in house infusions and take your own spiced rum blend home to share with family and friends (or keep to savour to yourself).

After enjoying a Brix Spiced and Dry on arrival, the class will start with a distillery tour at 6.30pm. Led by bar manager and Rum Guru Jai, they will run through a tour of the Brix Distillery with a deep dive into their rum making process. A further emphasis on the spicing process will be applied here so you can understand how they have made their infusions.

They will move to the mezzanine at 7pm where their blending table will be set. You will receive samples of different infusions produced at Brix, two mixing beakers and one dropper per person. You will receive two 200ml base rums of Brix Gold and 15ml of a variety of infusions for blending.

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