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Sydney Skydiving - Sydney

Do something that scares you everyday.

Sydney Skydivers offers a skydive tour from the Sydney central business district to 14,000 feet, seven days a week.

You are in good hands with Australia's largest skydive company. They offer half day adventure tours which include a complimentary shuttle service departing from their office, twice daily - 7am and 11am.

If you would prefer to drive yourself, ask for directions when making your booking.

On a clear day, from 14,000 feet, they will show you the breathtaking beauty of NSW. See the Blue Mountains, Jervis Bay, Wollongong, and Sydney city from the sky.

Bookings are also valid for Tandem Cairns, with the option of a beach landing at Etty Bay.

And for the true convert - they run the Accelerated Freefall Course every Saturday, which teaches you to skydive alone!

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Skydiving - Half Day Tour 14,000 Feet

Experience the true feeling of Skydiving from 14,000 feet with an awesome, unbeatable, mad minute of freefall and five minute parachute ride.

Half day trip includes free courtesy transfers daily from the Sydney central business district skydive shop and departure lounge.
Start Location Sydney
Highlights Sydney Picton
Travel by Aeroplane
Duration Half Day or less.
Price $275.00 Price Range Subject to change and availability
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