Food and wine in Chinatown


Dining in Chinatown and Haymarket

Yum cha, ramen, dumplings, crispy duck, salt'n'pepper squid, tapioca pearls or just a simple chilli chicken stir-fry? From Cantonese to Malaysian, Thai to Vietnamese, the melting pot of eateries, dumpling houses and neon-lit food in Chinatown and Haymarket are downright irresistible.

  • Sea Bay Restaurant Chinatown
  • Super Roti Man More More Cha Chinatown

Best spots to eat and drink 

All times of the day and night, Haymarket's Chinatown is busy serving up a kaleidoscope of Asian tastes, textures, food and wine. Grab your chopsticks and dive in.

If dumplings appeal, wait in line for a table at Din Tai Fung in World Square. This busy, in-and-out Chinese eatery specialises in pork dumplings, or choose from nine other fillings including prawns, crab, mushrooms and vegetables.

In Chinatown, check out Red Chilli if you can handle heat while Golden Century, a Cantonese institution open until 4am, will sort out any late-night reveller craving a post-clubbing plate of salt'n'pepper squid. BBQ King, open since 1979, is a must for Peking duck and barbeque pork. At Mamak on Goulburn Street, when you scoop up a delectable kari ayam with a soft folded roti, prepare to be transported to the sights and smells of Kuala Lumpur.

Down on Dixon Street, Malaysian restaurant More More Cha is also famous for its roti (there's even a YouTube clip of Super Roti Man doing his thing on their website) or head to Arisun for a Korean beer and a sweet and spicy fried chicken.

Expect great food and wine (sake-style, naturally) in the nearby Darling Quarter. Slurp a laksa at the Nok Nok Thai Eating House, try over 100 varieties of sushi at Umi Sushi and Udon or enjoy the French/Vietnamese fushion fare at Taste Baguette.

Spanish tapas bars along Liverpool Street include Capitan Torres and subterranean Miro, both consistently good. If jugs of punch, disco beats and soul food appeal, so will small bar Goodgod on the same street.

  1. Spicy Panda

    Spicy Panda

    Sharing the art and passion of authentic Sichuan cooking, Spicy Panda is a great new addition to the array of restaurants in Sydney's China Town, offering a signature dish of diced rabbit with cucumber – a dish one...

  2. Spicy Sichuan

    Spicy Sichuan

    Ahead of the next dining trend in Sydney, the diners of Spicy Sichuan sit around large tables of the restaurant's bottom level with a bubbling pot the centre piece of every table. Throwing in raw ingredients to the...

  3. Thainatown


    Thainatown, a low-key, constantly buzzing Thai joint in Chinatown, serves foodies, students and Thai expats alike. The restaurant offers the usual menu of green curry and crying tiger, but it also serves up a myriad...

  4. The Bear

    The Bear

    Oddly located in the midst of Chinatown, The Bear is a small restaurant-cum-bar-cum-winter cabin. Yes, it’s a peculiar combination, but the cosy venue is proving to be popular with grown-ups who enjoy 70's fondue and...

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