Barangaroo Food and Wine


With a beautiful waterfront and delectable choices, Barangaroo is one of Sydney’s hottest dining spots. Some of Australia’s best chefs are creating mouth-watering dishes using fresh produce and sustainable seafood. Treat yourself to a delicious range of flavours.

  • Henry Deane, Barangaroo
  • Anason Restaurant, Barangaroo

Delicious waterfront dining in Barangaroo

The streets and promenade of Barangaroo are buzzing with delightful cafes, tempting pastry shops, elegant wine and tea bars, and a delicious range of restaurants. On the edge of one of the world’s most spectacular harbours, Barangaroo is a popular dining destination in the vibrant city centre.

The main dining area is in Barangaroo South, among the gleaming office towers and the southern section of the charming waterfront promenade Wulugul Walk. You’ll find an excellent selection of restaurants along 170 metres of Wulugul Walk, named after the local Aboriginal word for kingfish.

Anason, Sydney

Enjoy sustainable seafood at Cirrus, from the award-winning team behind the acclaimed Bentley in the city centre and Monopole in Potts Point. Another restaurant serving sustainable fish is, which also creates cocktails with native ingredients such as lemon myrtle and wattle seed.

The ambience is enchanting, with designer spaces at some restaurants. Savour Sydney’s diverse cultural and culinary influences, too.

Chinese at Lotus, Japanese at Zushi and Ume Burger, Turkish at Anason, Spanish at Born by Tapavino, Mediterranean at BanksII, Thai at Muum Maam, Vietnamese at Phomo, Indian at Spiced by Billus and southern US-style at Belles Hot Chickens.

Bourke Street Bakery, Barangaroo

From brunch to late night snacks, and relaxing weekend lunches to tasty takeaways, Barangaroo South is open seven days a week. Enjoy refreshing tea at the Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar, buy artisan bread and pastries from Bourke Street Bakery, and picnic supplies from Mercato e Cuisine.

For a sweet treat, visit donut master Shortstop for an enticing range of donuts and coffee.

You can walk to the ‘eat streets’ of Barangaroo from Darling Harbour or Barangaroo Reserve, via Walsh Bay and The Rocks. By train alight at Wynyard Station for the Wynyard Walk, a pedestrian link. Alternatively, take a ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour for a short walk to Shell Cove 2015, the giant Aboriginal artwork that marks the southern start of Wulugul Walk.