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Aerial view of Sydney harbour

Circular Quay Tours

  1. Private Charter

    Private Charter

    The only way to see Sydney Harbour is via the water and a private charter is perfect for any group wanting a private sightseeing tour away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.Your profe...

  2. Photography Course

    Photography Course

    Hybrid and Digital SLR cameras are becoming more and more accessible these days, as they are available at a range of price points - but as these devices often have numerous functions, lenses, and acce...

  3. The Need For Speed

    The Need For Speed

    This 35 minute high speed tour and adventure is the only way you will want to experience Sydney Harbour. You will be thrilled with awesome fishtails, power lock in spins, twists, nosedives and 270 deg...

  4. Coffee Cruise

    Coffee Cruise

    The Coffee Cruise is one of Sydney's best cruises. Enjoy personalised commentary while taking in the main harbour sights including beaches, cliffs and palatial waterfront homes for two hours. Tour...

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