Tours for kids


Tour the Sydney Cricket Ground

For sports fans, it doesn’t get much better than the hallowed turf of Sydney Cricket Ground but did you know you can tour the SCG? Its museum is full of cricket memorabilia and if you bump into one of your favourite players along the way, so much the better. 

  • Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo
  • The Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo

Fun for the kids

The Australian Museum in Sydney

See as much as you can of the city atop a double-decker bus. Sydney Explorer offers two hop-on, hop-off tours, each with audio commentary, including a special kids' channel. One route takes passengers around the major attractions in the city; the other includes Paddington, Bondi Beach, Rose Bay and Double Bay.

They’ve been called 21st-century chariots but Segways are a lot easier to control. If you’re a novice, try a Segway Fun Ride with Segway Tours Australia at Sydney’s Olympic Park (minimum age nine years) and then progress to the all-terrain Segway X2 Adventure Tours (11 years and up). 

Love animals? Book into Taronga Zoo for a night. As a Roar & Snore camper, you’ll go on a 90-minute night safari and see what animals get up to after dark; in the morning, wake up to the warbles, rumbles, squeaks, growls and roars of creatures greeting the day. 

How about a sleepover at the Australian Museum? Opening in May, Wild Planet will feature more than 400 creatures great and small – from giants such as giraffes and hippos to the tiniest butterflies and beetles. Be among the first to sleep over in the new exhibition on September 4, when the museum stages the Wild Planet Adventure-Snore Sleeopover. Play spot the species by torchlight, enjoy a pizza dinner and watch DVDs before sleeping among the animals. In Ultimo, the Powerhouse Museum's diverse collection, spanning science, technology, fashion and contemporary culture, will keep youngsters enthralled.

Young astronomers can turn their gaze heavenwards at Sydney Observatory, which offers specialised tours, including night-time viewing experiences. 

For a ghostly experience, join Ghost Trackers at Manly’s Q Station. This former quarantine station is full of history, not all of it pleasant. Lurk in shadowed halls, hear spooky stories, listen and watch for ghostly apparitions. Ghost Trackers is for families; adults not allowed without children (minimum age five years).