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Granny Smith Festival - Eastwood

Dates to be confirmed


*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed ***

From sun up to sun down there's fun, food, entertainment and fireworks at the Granny Smith Festival.

The Festival is held every year to celebrate the community and the famous tangy green apple - the Granny Smith - that was first grown 'accidentally' on an Eastwood farm back in 1868 by Maria Ann "Granny" Smith.

The Granny Smith Festival is regarded as one of Sydney's largest street festivals, a true community carnival, full of colour and good old fashioned fun. It attracts over 80,000 people each year and is supported by local businesses, sporting and service organisations, schools and the wider community.

Highlight of the day includes a family concert, this year featuring the Bon Jovi Tribute Band, followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

There's something for everyone at the Granny Smith Festival.

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