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Weir Reserve - Penrith


Weir Reserve on the Nepean River at Penrith is suitable for larger group picnics or sporting events and is home to the Nepean River Rowing Club and is on the northern side of the Victoria Bridge from Tench Reserve.

The reserve gets its name from the weir that is at the bottom of the park. The weir is historical and was built to keep the river upstream at a controllable level.

The walk down beside the river and under the bridges is very pleasant with views of both sides of the Victoria Bridge.

There are several undercover picnic tables throughout the park. The reserve also offers a beautiful wedding gazebo which accommodates 30 to 40 people, overlooking the river and is accessible along Bruce Neale Drive. As this is a popular spot couples should book as soon as possible. There is a small booking fee and an hourly charge.

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