Fort Denison - Sydney Harbour

Fort Denison

Located in Sydney Harbour, Fort Denison, also known as "Pinchgut", is one of Sydney's historic landmarks.

When the First Fleet arrived in 1788, Fort Denison was a steep, rocky island known to the Aboriginal people as Mat-te-wan-ye and was a popular fishing place for local tribes. The name "Pinchgut" arose soon after, as convicts who had committed secondary crimes were charged and confined in leg irons on the island, with rations of bread and water.

The Martello Tower was completed in 1857 using 8,000 tonnes of sandstone. The island was renamed Fort Denison in 1862 after the then-Governor, Sir William Denison. The Martello Tower is the only one of its kind in Australia. Fort Denison became part of Sydney Harbour National Park in 1992.

Today, the Fort operates as a Harbour Navigation Facility, with automated tide gauge, foghorn, beacon, channel markers and as a modern museum and restaurant.

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