Din Tai Fung - World Square - City Centre

Join the queues and sip and slurp your way through Din Tai Fung’s dumpling-oriented menu. Standards are high across the board but, if you’re a virgin Din Tai Fung-er, order the Xiao Long Bao –filled with an intense pork broth, this steamed pork dumpling pops open in your mouth. To the naked eye, dumpling making seems simple however it takes years to master the craft behind Din Tai Fung’s, where thousands each day are hand-made and cooked to order. The humidity, flour-to-water ratio and the thickness of the dough are all crucial in creating the perfect dumpling and the chefs must adhere to militant-type precision by using templates, scientific measurements and goldsmith scales. The result of such meticulous behaviour is a dining experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

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