Vivid Light


From 6pm to midnight each night, mesmerising light installations and projections illuminate the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, The Rocks, Walsh Bay, Martin Place, Darling Harbour and other parts of Sydney. Many of the works entertain by bringing out your own sense of play and wonder; the majority are just simply beautiful, enhancing the city in a way simply not seen in daylight. 

  • View of Vivid Sydney from Cahill Express Way
  • Sydney Opera House. Vivid 2013


Ferry passes the Sydney Harbour Bridge

With more than 60 installations during Vivid Sydney 2015, night-time is turned into play-time for kids of all ages. Watch out for exciting new interactive installations and projections, multi-player experiences and large-scale light art in amazing locations across the city.

Once again, the sails of the Sydney Opera House are transformed by a sequence of stunning video-mapped projections. From here, a series of interactive and immersive light art sculptures and installations paves the way to the renowned Vivid Light Walk. Some have a message, some are pure fun, many are interactive and they’re all free.

As in previous years, Darling Harbour is the setting for one of the most thrilling spectacles of Vivid 2015. In an Australian-first presented by Oracle–Liquid, the Vivid Laser-Fountain Water Theatre combines computer-controlled fountain jets and spirals, rainbow lasers and dancing flames, choreographed together in a glorious symphony of light and music to a soundtrack devised by Sydney’s electric music gurus, The Presets.

The many cruise vessels and ferries that travel around the harbour will be decorated with brilliant lights that change colour as they enter the different Vivid precincts. To ensure you have an extra-dazzling Vivid experience in 2015, why not book a spot onboard and enjoy the spectacle of the nightly light shows from the comfort of a harbour ferry or cruise vessel.

Visit for more details of the Vivid Sydney 2015 lights program.

  • The lighting of the Sydney Opera House sails for Vivid Sydney 2014

    Sydney Opera House

    This year multi-disciplinary design collective, Universal Everything, has been chosen to create a projected artwork for the sails of the Sydney Opera House. Playing with technology to invent new forms of design and moving imagery, Universal Everything has created a digital whirl of colour to be projected onto the sails of Australia’s major artistic icon.

  • Vivid Light Walk

    Vivid Light Walk

    This year’s magical journey starts at the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House with huge Siamese fighting fish in Splendens, a big, joyful and spectacular welcome to the Vivid Light Walk 2015. Head towards The Rocks and First Fleet Park for BeatDice, where you can be the DJ using a series of cubes that lights up and grooves when re-arranged.

  • Vivid Central Park

    Central Park

    Sydney’s internationally acclaimed urban village Central Park becomes a part of Vivid Sydney in 2015, bringing a unique beat to the new heart of ‘downtown’ Sydney with Streets Ahead, a spectacular light show accompanied by an original music score. Experience an exciting evening with night markets, free interactive entertainment and a silent disco on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Vivid, Chatswood


    Vivid Sydney will transform the busy food and retail hub of Chatswood into a flowing light walk journey with mesmerising immersive light experiences. Stepping off the train at the Chatswood Interchange, you’ll enter an evocative underwater fantasy with floating water creatures and pulsing colours. From here, Chatswood Mall becomes an immersive, light-filled ‘river’ where glowing creatures are brought to life with lighting and projections.

  • Vivid, Martin Place

    Martin Place

    Casting light where there has recently been darkness, the exquisite light shows at Martin Place will be under the direction of a different artist each night and matched by great food from Sydney’s hippest purveyors. Explore further along Martin Place to find Drum Circle where you can punch out a rhythm surrounded by a light-filled ‘forest’; at Robotanic nature springs to life at the friendly approach of the audience as a gentle reminder to tune into nature in our technologically-dominant world.

  • Vivid, the University of Sydney

    University of Sydney

    From 25 – 31 May, Australia's oldest university will once again be transformed into a glittering canvas of light, live performance and inspiring ideas during Vivid Path to the Future. Highlights of this year’s light program include spectacular 3D-mapped projections on the University’s Quadrangle facade, light art along the main promenade, and Sea of Hands, an interactive installation which will grow throughout the festival.

  1. The Sydney Opera House Tour - Celebrating Vivid Sydney

    Sunday 22 May to Wednesday 8 June 2016, City Centre

    Event details are yet to be confirmed

    As the sun goes down and 'House' lights up, venture inside the iconic shells and visit its famous theatres, state of the art recording...

    22 May -08Jun
  2. Vivid Sydney Harbour Cruises with Eastcoast Sailing

    Sunday 22 May to Wednesday 8 June 2016, City Centre

    Event details are yet to be confirmed

    Get the best view of the Vivid Sydney festival from a luxury cruise on Sydney Harbour with Eastcoast Sailing. Get up close to the lights of...

    22 May -08Jun
  3. Vivid Sydney Cruise

    Sunday 22 May to Wednesday 8 June 2016, The Rocks

    Event details are yet to be confirmed

    Join in on a spectacular dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour as you witness the city being transformed into a magical canvas of light for Vivid 2015...

    22 May -08Jun
  4. Vivid Sydney Harbour Tours

    Wednesday 1 June to Saturday 4 June 2016, Circular Quay

    Event details are yet to be confirmed

    Get out of the crowds and see the best of Vivid Sydney 2015 from an iconic Sydney Harbour ferry.Vivid Sydney promises to be more spectacular than...

    01 Jun -04Jun
  5. Vivid Light Festival Photography Tour

    Wednesday 1 June to Wednesday 8 June 2016, City Centre

    Vivid Sydney promises to be bigger and better this year with more than 60 projections, light sculptures and installations.Why not join a click walk learn photography tour specifically designed to...

    01 Jun -08Jun

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