Vivid Ideas


Vivid Ideas turns inspiration into action: learn how to build a creative career or a business, hear advice from the best in the world, and discover how innovative productions and projects become reality.

  • Silicon Valley Myth Explained
  • Candy Chang - Vivid Ideas Exchange 2014


The Vivid Ideas Exchange

Future-proof your career at one of the many inspiring events held during Vivid Ideas. Network, develop your skills, and explore creative and commercial opportunities in Australia’s fastest-growing sector, the creative industries.

Many jobs of the future will be built on imagination: more than 150,000 people in NSW currently work in the creative sector, with industries from design to gaming growing at a rapid rate. With Sydney the creative capital of Asia Pacific, it’s the place to be to celebrate local talent, expand opportunities, and connect with the global leaders during Vivid Ideas.

Over an action-packed 18 days, creators and innovators come together in a series of major public events, featuring world-leading talent, exclusive to Sydney for Vivid Ideas. Expand your horizons at creative conferences, the dynamic Vivid Ideas Exchange and a public event series presented by creative industry associations, educators, and businesses.

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