Sydney Harbour National Park - Middle Head - Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour National Park - Middle Head

From 1806 to the 1960s, Middle Head was an integral part of Sydney's defence. Visit the tunnels and gun emplacements which overlook the harbour. Great walking tracks and vantage points also over look Sydney Harbour.

Fear of invasion led to the construction of a network of military forts around Sydney. Explore underground tunnels, sandstone gun pits and the thrilling 'Tiger Cages' while enjoying amazing views of Sydney on the Middle Head Forts Tour. The Tiger Cages were where the military trained soldiers by simulating prisoner of war conditions in Vietnam. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a torch.

HMAS Penguin is located at Middle Harbour.

The Middle Head Forts Tour is not available from June to September most years due to hibernating Bentwing Bats in the tunnels.

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