Sydney Harbour National Park - Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour National Park

Sydney Harbour National Park protects a series of foreshore lands and islands in and around one of the worlds most beautiful harbours including: North Head, Manly to the Spit, Middle Head, Bradleys Head, the Harbour Islands, Nielsen Park and South Head.

Many of these once played a leading role in the protection of Sydney's residents from the threat of invasion from foreign fleets and infectious disease. When their value as defence sites faded in the decades after the second world war, conservation of the harbour foreshores was the driving force behind the formation of the innovative national park.

Today this heritage is appreciated by many visitors to the national park who come to explore its cultural and natural riches.

In addition to its varied European cultural heritage, the park also protects a range of Aboriginal sites. These include rock engravings, axe grinding grooves and shell midden sites.

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