Wildlife Photographer of the Year - City Centre

Big blue whale just below the surface of the ocean

Monday 09 October 2017 (Daily event)

Take a journey into the secret places of the world around them. Witness the extraordinary talent of photographers who travel to the ends of the earth to capture the fleeting moments that say so much about the majesty of nature - and often humanity's complicated place in it.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year - run by the Natural History Museum in London - is a global celebration of the world's very best nature photography.
Judged by a panel of international experts, winning images are selected for their creativity, originality and technical excellence. The competition is open to the world's top professionals, as well as amateurs - who sometimes create big surprises!
Be captivated as they showcase the year's top 100 photos, selected from almost 50,000 entries, across 95 countries.
On display, you'll see the 52nd year's winning entry, up close. You'll also be able to enter and vote for the local 'Sydney's Choice' award.
Be inspired. Reconnect with the wonder of nature through the magic of photography.

For more information: www.anmm.gov.au