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Paspaley Australian South Sea pearls are internationally recognised as the finest and most valuable pearls in the world.

Behind the simplicity and singular beauty of Paspaley Australian South Sea pearls is a journey that began more than 75 years ago on the remote and unspoiled coastline of northern Australia.

Paspaley's involvement in pearling dates back to 1935 when Nicholas Paspaley Senior MBE, first collected mother-of-pearl shell in Australia's northern waters. He established a family passion that has evolved to become the world's leading South Sea pearling company.

Paspaley nurtures its pearls on a remote network of over 20 farms, stretching more than 2,500 kilometres across the pristine waters off the north west coast of Australia.

Only the finest Australian South Sea pearls are used in Paspaley's jewellery collections and are the inspiration for the breathtaking designs that are the hallmark of Paspaley boutiques.

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