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  • Fishing boats on Bermagui Harbour
  • Mimosa Rocks, Bermagui


Nature in Bermagui

Bermagui is a colourful port, famous for its deep-sea fishing. It’s on the estuary of the Bermagui River, close to national parks.

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About Bermagui

A peaceful town, famous for its fishing, Bermagui nestles around a safe, all-weather harbour dating from the 1830s. The continental shelf is just 20 km offshore – its closest point to the Australian mainland – which means exceptional deep-sea fishing. In particular, the town is known for its yellowfin tuna and the famed black marlin.

Close to Bermagui, Wallaga Lake is one of the largest coastal lakes in the State, an area of outstanding natural beauty with special significance for the Aboriginal people of the area. Bermagui offers surfing, water sports and bushwalking at the surrounding beaches and in the national parks. Don't miss Montreal Goldfield on Wallaga Lake Road where you can take a tour of this significant historic site from the 1880s. Nearby, Bega and Merimbula are well worth a visit.


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