Sydney Architecture Walks - Ultimo

Sydney Architecture Walks explore ideas through architecture offering an interface between in-depth architectural knowledge and the wider design-conscious community.

Each SAW route is driven by certain themes and ideas and attempts to decode Sydney whilst proposing new ways of thinking about and seeing the city.

Trespassing joyfully across disciplines and genres, seek out the architecture and public art that materialises contemporary conditions and attitudes; projects that respond to the culture, history and environment of Sydney and not just imported formulaic codes. SAW is interested in the edgy and the beautiful, the provocative and the daring, the local, the foreign, the trashy and the raw, revelling in the vibrant network of ideas and human relationships that are every cities reason for being.

Sydney Architecture Walks want you to get stung by architecture and begin to understand why buildings and cities are the way they are.

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SAW2 - Utzon and the Sydney Opera House Walking Tour

This tour is at once an in-depth and textured portrait of Danish architect Jorn Utzon, as well as the story of the 20th Century's most ambitious architectural project.

Discussing the sources of the architect's inspiration, working methods and influences, you will chart the development of Utzon's ideas and their realisation in the platform, concrete shells and ceramic skin of Sydney Opera House. You will discover the influence of towering 20th Century figures like LeCorbusier, Eero Saarinen and Mies van der Rohe.

SAW2 finishes with the recently completed Opera House refurbishment with which he was intimately involved.
Start Location Museum of Sydney, Sydney
Highlights Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Travel by Walk
Duration Half Day or less.
Price $45.00-$59.00 Price Range Per person

SAW3 - Harbourings Walking Tour

Led by architects but aimed at the city enthusiast, this walking tour gets beyond the postcard view of Sydney and her two shimmering icons, revealing the city at her grittiest and most spectacular. The route is diverse, spectacular and full of surprising recent projects as well as gritty historical reminders of the cities industrial/maritime past.

The focus is on the breathtaking Walsh Bay Finger Wharves, a family of early 20th Century industrial structures, once the largest timber structure in the world, recently re-worked with dramatic results.
Start Location Museum of Sydney, Sydney
Highlights Walsh Bay
Travel by Walk
Duration Half Day or less.
Price $25.00-$35.00 Price Range Per person

SAW1 - The City, Sydney Walking Tour

Moving from the broad to the particular, the historic to the contemporary, 'The City, Sydney' conjures a heady urban narrative revealing the social, cultural and topographic patterns and forces shaping Sydney.

The tour will concentrate on two contemporary iconic structures; Aurora Place and Governor Phillip and Macquarie Towers, and the work and ideas of three architects; Renzo Piano, Richard Johnson and Jorn Utzon. SAW's study of these buildings works on many levels. SAW will explain Piano's environmental and social agenda, the irony of using a suburban-inspired material palette in the most corporate of environments,and the ways in which his apartment building does at a large scale what Aussie icon Glenn Murcutt does at a small scale in terms of specific environmental response.
Start Location Museum of Sydney, Sydney
Highlights Governor Phillip Tower, Sydney
Travel by Walk
Duration Half Day or less.
Price $35.00-$45.00 Price Range Per person

Five Suburb Sydney Derive: Architectural Bike Tour

A five-suburb bike tour exploring Sydney's hip and rapidly changing inner-city suburbs. Aimed at the city enthusiast!

The Situationist International drifted through the city randomly, deliberately disrupting familiar ways of experiencing the city; organised spontaneity. 'Dérivistes or 'drifters' seek to experience bizarre encounters in unfamiliar places and left-over city spaces.

The tour begins with the former industrial western edge of Sydney before trespassing through the back streets of Ultimo, Chippendale, Redfern and Surry Hills plucking out the most interesting and provocative urban and residential projects along the way.

The route and conversation is structured around a number of contemporary architectural and urban projects, contested sites and politicised themes but the rapid gentrification of these dynamic suburbs will be a constant theme.
Start Location Explore Sydney, Ultimo Museum of Sydney, Sydney
Highlights Explore Sydney, Chippendale
Travel by Bicycle
Duration Half Day or less.
Price $80.00-$90.00 Price Range Plus AUD30.00 if you need to hire a bike