Silky Shapes Studio Pottery Classes - Sydney North

Pottery Classes

Silky Shapes Studio is offering wheel throwing classes for adults. Students will learn basics of pottery and will be taking home ceramic pieces they have made themselves.

There are day time and evening classes. Evening classes are a great idea for a fun date night, girls night out, time to reconnect with your friends and family or have fun making new friends.

There is also a modified version of classes where several sessions are combined into one class and can be a perfect solution for those seeking ideas for team building, hen parties, birthday parties, etc. In this one session students can choose either working with clay and leaving the final glazing and finalising the pieces to the studio before they can pick it up a few weeks later, or take advantage of pre made pieces, which they can personalise and decorate the way they want to.

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Pottery Classes

The Silky Shapes Studio is a relaxed creative space where you can explore your interest in pottery and ceramics - whether you are an experienced potter or budding beginner. Pottery classes are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Saturday and run for 2.5 hours. During this time you'll receive personal instruction and demonstrations that will help you develop the basic skills necessary to create your own pieces. For the more experienced, Silky Shapes provides a well-appointed studio where you can pursue your own artistic interests independently. Visit the Silky Shapes website for classes and package details.
Start Location Crows Nest
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised
Price $15.00 - $300.00