Platinum Pro Golf Tours - La Perouse


Platinum Pro Golf Tours is an exclusive, personal, golfing experience for small or large groups (whether two or 20). They specialise in personally escorted golf tours, playing on some of Australia's finest and most exclusive golf courses.
Their expert team have access to all of Australia's golf courses with qualified Professional Golfers to accompany guests throughout the tours.
Platinum Pro Golf Tours can be custom made to suit your needs, and fit in with the time you choose to spend away playing golf and enjoy some of the most prestigious courses in the world. Their itinerary details tour inclusions, combining accommodation, transportation, meals, golf courses and iconic tourist destinations.
They provide the best conditioned courses Australia has to offer, private, exclusive access, with full PGA escort, coaching and playing.

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Australian Open Golf Tour

The Australian Open Golf Tour starts in Sydney, playing on some of Australia's most spectacular courses. You will be fully accompanied throughout the tour and experience exclusive access to The Australian Open golf tournament in Sydney. Details include accommodation, transportation, meals, guided tourist destinations, premium access to world rated golf courses and day trips and wine tours to The Hunter Valley. This tour provides a premium service and the golf courses selected are of the best conditioned in Australia.
Start Location Sydney
Duration Extended
Price $3750.00 - $9350.00 This tour can vary in price depending on requirements including golf courses, accommodation and meals.