McIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers - Sydney Harbour

The Australian Cheese and Wine Experience

McIntosh and Bowman specialise in the education and appreciation of Artisan and Farmhouse Cheeses produced by the very best cheese makers from Australia and around the world.

They are proud advocates of 'Slow Food' principles, which protect the biodiversity and quality of their supplier's cheese. With these suppliers, their principled foundations and a commitment to excellence in presentation, research and anticipating customer needs, McIntosh and Bowman set the standard in cheese catering and education.

McIntosh and Bowman offer a variety of themed cheese experiences. All private experiences can be tailor made to suit desires, time frame and budget.

Experiences can be provided in the comfort of the board room or office, a private residence or alternatively they can provide a private venue such as a dining room or entertainment space. They are now offering a cheese experience in the historic private dining room of Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour.

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The Australian Cheese and Wine Experience

The Australian Cheese and Wine Experience is a short course showcasing the best of Australia's cheese making talents matched with some great Australian wines on the idyllic setting of Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour. On the day of your experience, they will meet you at 11.45am at Circular Quay to get the 12pm boat out to the Island. This two hour experience is valued includes transport to and from the island, Australian Sparking on arrival, three canapes, 10 Australian farmhouse cheeses, with a special emphasis on NSW produce, three Australian wines and a beer, tasting notes, two hours with International Cheese Expert Claudia Bowman. McIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers are in association with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, bringing farmhouse Australian cheese back to Sydney Harbour.
Start Location Circular Quay
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $180.00 - $180.00 Per person.

Cheese Making Workshop

If you love cheese, then come and learn how to make it! This is a one day, six hour cheese making workshop, with a full lunch and cheese course, wine, afternoon tea and snacks. Participants are required to bring an apron and three Tupperware containers to take your cheese home in; all other equipment will be provided. All participants leave with tasting notes and cheese making recipes.
Start Location North Sydney
Duration Full Day
Price $249.00 - $249.00 Per person.

Whisky and Cheese Experience

A most distinguished and sophisticated tasting experience for a mature and discerning palate... Or to the contrary, anyone looking for a completely new taste sensation and thorough introduction to the world of whisky. This experience showcases an impressive and independent selection of single malts ranging from 10 to 21 years maturation, accompanied by eight spectacular international and local artisan cheeses. Be enthralled by two incredibly passionate presenters; McIntosh and Bowman's Claudia Bowman and their Whisky Connoisseur, in a most impressive and relevant venue; The World of Whisky, Double Bay. Their expert's passion for single malt whisky will inspire and delight you!
Start Location Cosmopolitan Centre 2/22 Knox Street - Double Bay Double Bay
Duration Evening
Price $99.00 - $99.00 Per person.

Boutique Beer and Cheese Experience

For the beer lover! Contrary to popular belief, beer is an incredible cheese accompaniment. There are many similarities between the science of beer and the science of cheese - and whilst they touch on technicalities of both - the class won't be structured with too much information for those who just want to be introduced to some great new flavours and combinations. They are thrilled to be in association with The Beer Diva, Kirrily Waldhorn, their resident beer expert. Kirrily, will showcasing a variety of beers - different styles and strengths and matching them with a selection of stunning international and local farmhouse cheeses carefully selected by McIntosh and Bowman.
Start Location 100 Cumberland St - The Rocks The Rocks
Duration Evening
Price $99.00 - $99.00 Per person.

Wine and Cheese

What Cheese is that? This appreciation class is for the Cheese enthusiast who wishes to obtain the knowledge and experience required in order to speak more confidently about the food they love! This is the perfect opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavours and styles through sampling the seven different types of Cheese and to have some common myths and misconceptions of the cheese world cleared up once and for all. Participants will taste cheese of various types of milk from goat, sheep, cow and buffalo and experiment with basic Cheese and wine pairings. International Cheese Expert Claudia Bowman provides a unique and memorable masterclass that caters for both the cheese novice and those with an experienced and discerning cheese palate.
Start Location 100 cumberland St, The Rocks, Syndey The Rocks
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $99.00 - $99.00 Per person