Cronulla Surfing Academy - Cronulla

Surfing Academy

Cronulla Surfing Academy is the most fun and personal surf school in Sydney. Experienced coaches teach beginners through to advanced levels.

Cronulla is just 35 minutes from the city and is the only city beach with a direct train line from the central business district.

Cronulla Surfing Academy will ensure you have a memorable experience learning the thrill of riding a wave.

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Group Lessons

Are you a beginner wanting to learn the thrill of riding a wave or an intermediate wanting to improve on your existing skills to help gain the confidence to get to the next level, then the coaches at Cronulla Surfing Academy have the experience and knowledge to make sure you have a comfortable and fun learning experience. All group lessons cater for beginner and intermediate levels as groups are broken down on the day to ensure personal attention for everyone. All the gear is supplied including Ripcurl wetsuits and softboards.
Start Location Cronulla
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $50.00 - $280.00 1 lesson - to a 8 lesson package