At the southern end of the Sydney CBD, Chinatown is a vibrant, marketplace-like neighbourhood filled with great south-east Asian restaurants offering everything from Cantonese to Laotian food, as well as some great shopping. Paddy’s Markets, a huge indoor market with over 1,000 stalls selling everything you could think of from fresh produce to clothing to electronics to souvenirs, and is open Wednesday to Sunday. On Fridays there are usually outdoor night markets running along Dixon Street, a pedestrian-only street lined with eateries.

Chinatown restaurants offer so many different cuisines, it can be hard to know where to start. Beginning with yum cha (dim sum) is always a safe bet; carts of plump dumplings are wheeled around the restaurant and you can pick and choose whichever morsels strike your fancy. Yum Cha generally runs from 10.00am to around 3.00pm, and is a Sydney weekend tradition. There is also a vast array of Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and even Lao and regional Chinese (such as Uyghur) food to enjoy throughout this buzzing suburb.

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