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I’m Andrew Smith, a 25-year old Earth roamer. Saying “yes" to everything has brought me to 22 countries across 6 continents. I have a background in social media management, digital advertising, English teaching, touring in a band, audio/video production and finance …but who really cares, let’s meet good people, discover the best places, consume the best craft beers on Earth and tell good stories.

Chief Funster, Andrew Smith, is heading Down Under in December for six months! Reviewing festivals, events and being a Sydney VIP is all in a day's work .

03 Jun

How to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Chief Funster with Skydive the Beach

I often hear people talk about the places they want to visit around the world. Just as often, there are limitations that stand in the way of their ability to pack their bags and set out overseas – money is the most common. Fortunately, working holidays in Australia offer the opportunity to combine traveling with earning money.

Two visas exist that enable people from a wide range of countries and aged younger than 31 the chance to work while enjoying …

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25 Mar

The Stig, the Shire, skydiving and Sydney culture

Chief Funster with Skydive the Beach

Whoa. What a few weeks it’s been! Let’s catch up real quick.

I had the chance to attend Top Gear Festival Sydney at the Sydney Motorsport Park. Imagine everything you love about the TV show, right in front of you, in real life, all at once. Massive plumes of smoke from burnouts, cars whizzing by at heart-pounding speeds, and dream cars are everywhere to be seen. In typical fashion, the Top Gear hosts came up with something absurd and attached …

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13 Mar

Glitter, Glitz, Glamour and Love – Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras 2014

What happens when you take 9,100 people completely glammed out in costume, 400kg of glitter, 250 motorcycles, 144 different floats, and put them all on a 5.9km parade route through Sydney? The result is a massive party called the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Although the scale is large, the overall message is very simple: to communicate universal diversity, equality, and love.

Before all the lively excitement kicked off, I watched participants trickle into Hyde Park in preparation …

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13 Feb

Australia Day; Dawn ’til Dusk

Havianas Challenge Australia Day - Bondi

Since this is my first time living in Sydney, this was also my first Australia Day experience full of pride and energy. Rather than be a bystander, I jumped in headfirst to partake in this annual celebration––quite literally at points.

6:00 AM: The alarm goes off, and it’s time to gear up for a big day.

7:00 AM: Australia Day always begins with an official welcome to country. Aboriginal people native to northern Sydney arrive at the Opera House to …

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13 Jan

The fun starts on the Central Coast

The Entrance, Central Coast

New South Wales is huge. It’s a big task to try and document all the fun to be had in this state, but I have to start somewhere !! That somewhere is the Central Coast: The fun starts here.

Each region is undeniably marked with uniqueness and it’s completely true in the Central Coast. Most people think of this area’s beaches, but I saw a different side. Let’s just say that things picked up speed, quickly.

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23 Jun

Best Jobs in the World – What a week!

Sandboarding Stockton Dunes, Port Stephens

My name is Andrew Smith, and I’m 25 years old from Southern California. I’ve found myself in a lot of different places doing a lot of different things, but never did I think of being the official ambassador for all things fun in New South Wales, Australia. In March 2013, I saw a Facebook post for a social media position labeled “The Best Job in the World”. At the time, I was working as a social media manager for an …

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19 Jun

Day 7: World Cup Qualifiers

Team Chief Funster

When I look back on growing up, I look fondly upon those times. I remember countless activities I used to take head on, often excelling at them whether mentally or physically. Back then, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t the case for everybody. I didn’t realize that children like Jack Doran could’ve had heart surgery 3 times before the age of 3––at 6 months, 1.5-years old and 2.5-years old. I didn’t realize that when most teens got the keys to …

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18 Jun

Day 6: La Lupita

salsa dancing lessons sydney

Being from southern California, there are a few things that are quite unique: traffic, wannabe actors and Mexican food. When traveling, I usually only miss Mexican food as it never seems to be done right anywhere else. Not that Mexican food is some complex cuisine, but the ingredients and spices are of paramount importance––a factor that most countries haven’t managed import correctly. Long-standing Sydney restaurant/bar venue, The Basement at Circular Quay, has introduced North Mexican style street food into its …

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17 Jun

Horseback Riding in Port Stephens

Port Stephens Horse Riding

If you’re wild at heart, horseback riding on the sand dunes of Port Stephens with Sahara Trails is what you’ve been waiting for. Getting to ride a horse is an adventure in itself, but combining it with a backdrop of moving sand mountains and beach views is just awesome. As you take in the unbelievable scenery, you can’t help but notice just how gnarly horses are. There really is nothing like horse riding on one of Australia’s best coastlines!

With …

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17 Jun

Day 5: Sandboarding in Port Stephens

Sandboarding Stockton Dunes, Port Stephens

What if that was possible to ride camels on the beach and surf sand dunes up to 40 metres high — and only a few hours away from Sydney? Well, it’s more than possible at the Port Stephens sand dunes. Stockton Beach has it all. Thick bush, silky sand and tumultuous ocean visible in a single panorama. All while being completely deserted, for the most part. Get ready to shred some sand, dude!

Half the fun is just getting there. …

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