Taxis in Sydney


Water taxis on Sydney Harbour

A water taxi is a memorable way to get from A to B around Sydney Harbour. Water taxis can land at jetties around the harbour so book one for a special night out at a harbourside restaurant at Balmoral or Watsons Bay, or pack a picnic hamper and enjoy a day on a Sydney Harbour island.

  • Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour

Sydney by taxi (road and water)

Taxis are a convenient way to cover short to medium distances when you're travelling around Sydney. They can usually be flagged down along major roads, or you can find them at taxi ranks around the city centre and suburban areas.

Taxis are available for hire if the light on their roof is on. You can also order a cab by phone, online or even now by downloadable app such as Taxi Pro.

Oxford Street - Paddington, Image; Destination NSW

Taxis will charge extra if booked by phone, or, if you travel through a tollbooth such as on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Most taxi drivers accept payment by credit card. Tipping is not required or expected, but rounding up a taxi fare to the next dollar is common. For more information about NSW taxis and for a full list of numbers go to Taxis NSW.

If you want to travel by water across Sydney Harbour, you can always hire a water taxi. These small boats operate to and from any wharves or waterfront locations that have step access.