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If you're looking for good, reliable tourism information, head to one of Sydney's visitor information centres in The Rocks and at Darling Harbour. You'll also find them further afield in the suburbs around Sydney including Manly, Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park.

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Sydney travel tips and visitor information

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You're never far away from home when you're in Sydney. Service for mobile (cell) phones is widespread while internet access is available at internet cafes, hotels, libraries and in Wi-Fi areas across the city. International calling cards are the cheapest way to phone overseas. They are available at most retails outlets. An economical way to use your ovesrseas mobile phone is to purchase a starter pack which includes a local SIM card and phone number. These are available from most mobile phone companies, at newsagencies and supermarkets. Another alternative is a data roaming service which allows you to cap your data usage to a pre-determined amount and receive a text alert when that volume has been reached.

If you're an international visitor, use the world clock to make sure you have the correct local time - Sydney is on Australian Eastern Standard Time, 10 hours ahead of GMT.

All mail is handled by Australia Post. Australia Post offices are usually open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday with extended hours at larger branches. The GPO at 1 Martin Place in the city centre is open from 8.15am-5.30pm weekdays and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. Stamps are sold at post offices and newsagencies.

Note: The electrical current in Australia is 220-240 volts, AC 50Hz. The Australian three-pin power outlet is different from some other countries, so you may need an adaptor.