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Summer is one of the best times to dip your toes into shimmering, sparkling Sydney. Make a splash at one of Sydney’s many beaches, take a waterside seat for a long lunch at an award-winning restaurant or stroll along glorious stretches of coastline. There’s also a full events calendar of everything from international stage shows to elite sporting matches and art exhibitions. 

  • Lobo Plantation, Sydney
  • Surfing, Palm Beach

Experiencing Sydney's Beaches

Masts clinking, waves lapping and waterfront panoramas – waterside dining is one of Sydney’s essential experiences. With its abundance of harbour and ocean coastline, the city is filled with restaurants where a table right by the water heightens the culinary experience.

Along with its superb ocean beaches, Sydney has a stunning collection of harbour oases with gentle waves and lovely parks, perfect for family picnics and many with smart cafes and bars. Some of Sydney's best beaches are within 10 km of the city, from the popular beaches of Bondi and Manly, to the ‘secret beaches’ of Sydney Harbour

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